Thursday, February 16, 2006

Medlogs: A Terrorist Blog

Armed with the knowledge that only regular readers are familiar with my twisted sense of humor, I urge you to read the following piece with a tendency towards the comical

This weekend the Palestinian Authority (PA) is scheduled to elect their new Congressional Leader. Hamas, having won the majority of seats in congress, is preparing to take over the government. The current prime minister of Israel, Ehud Olmert, has stated that all ties with the Palestinians will cease.

In addition to stopping all payments to the Palestinian Authority Israel plans to freeze the payment of 50 million dollars of tax collections to the PA, take steps to prevent international foreign aid, and as a third step, possibly disconnect the supply of electricity to the Palestinian authority. This, according to published report in this mornings' newspaper.

Which made me think, since I am currently residing in the middle East (on vacation) and have promised my readers a certain "angle" over the next two weeks, I fully intend to carry out my obligations in all aspects related to this blog. And, as previously stated, I am currently facing difficulty getting this new blog listed on Medlogs. This after first having my feed denied multiple times and after sending numerous e-mails to the proprietor of the aforementioned blog.

In addition, this blog has made multiple attempts of diplomacy in the current situation, for example, posting a public plea for help with the matter. Even after an ally of this blog corrected the feed request with the correct feed request, which was accepted multiple times on Medlogs, the feed is yet to appear.

Unfortunately, at this juncture, more definitive steps must be taken to to achieve the desired result. Therefore, the author/s of Doctor is/are declaring that if the matter is not soon corrected the link to Medlogs (currently in the blogroll) may suddenly disappear. If the matter is still not corrected and the feed does not appear I/we may ask our current readers to boycott the current blog known as "Medlogs". This embargo will continue unilaterally for an unknown period of time at which point we may have to declare "Medlogs" and blogs related to the proprietor of Medlogs a "Terrorist blog" and enemy to the Doctor.

We may or may not take steps in the current "United Federation of Medical Blogs" (Which ironically, currently resides on Medlogs) to achieve our goals prior to beginning this process. Although, factoring in the inherent bias of this body, it is unlikely we will do so.

At this particular juncture we may take steps with our allies (all those mentioned in my/our blogroll) to levy sanctions against Medlogs and to remove all aid (including links to the above mentioned) from their blogs.

If all the steps previously mentioned still do not lead to a favorable outcome we will have no choice but to take forceful action and release our spam comment battalion into action. We anticipate that this will lead to a cessation of all quality postings of the so called author "Jacob Reider".

We/I feel that it is most unfortunate that it has come to this but we see no other means of negotiation at this point. Mr. Reider is solely responsible for the actions committed by the blog known as Medlogs as he is clearly listed at the top of the page as the owner and current leader of this questionable organization.

Updates to follow…


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Even after an ally of this blog corrected the feed request with the correct feed request, which was accepted multiple times on Medlogs, the feed is yet to appear.

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